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New to Websites?

If you are new to websites but unsure where to start, we can help explain the different options available to you.

The Benefits of Having a Professional Website

Take advantage of cost-effective advertising

Websites offer a highly comprehensive and cost-effective form of advertising for businesses today. Compared with traditional methods of advertising, a professional website enables you to market your business to a far wider audience, 24 hours a day, and with minimal cost.

Provide customers with instant access to information

A website enables you to offer potential customers the convenience of researching your products or services at any time. Unlike the restrictions associated with brochures and print advertisements, a website gives you the means of providing instant access to a wealth of up-to-date information on what your business has to offer.

Increase your customer engagement

A website can incorporate a range of tools to help you engage with potential customers and existing customers. Use your website to share your latest news, promote special offers, feature customer reviews and generate interest with social networking. Simply including your business email or an enquiry form on your website will also enable visitors to easily contact you for further information.

Maximise revenue with online sales

Recent figures for retail sales reveal UK shoppers spent £5.3 billion online in May 2011, an impressive growth of 18% compared to May 2010 despite the economic downturn. By contrast growth in UK high street sales slumped at -0.3% for May 2011 compared to May 2010. With strong growth in internet sales set to continue the opportunities for businesses to benefit from online trading has never been greater.

Keep ahead of the competition

Following the unprecedented success of the internet the majority of people now use the internet to search for information, products and services. If your competitors already have a website you could be missing out on potential business.

Gain web presence without the need for technical expertise

By opting for a professional website you can enjoy all the benefits the internet has to offer without needing to be an IT wizard. We take care of all the technical details leaving you to concentrate on running your business.

Typical Websites and Prices

Websites can be designed to meet a diverse range of business objectives, including single-page advertisement sites, multi-page brochure sites and e-commerce shops, to more complex content managed sites. Similarly websites can use a variety of tools to enhance presentation and customer interaction such as audio and video galleries, social networking, email campaigns and customer logins.

How much a website costs depends greatly on the level of complexity involved, so it is helpful to have a realistic understanding of what to expect for a given budget. Website prices typically range from a few hundred pounds for a basic starter site to several thousand pounds for more complex corporate sites. At Solid Designs we ensure that our websites are built to a specification that best suits your business needs within the budget you set.

What a Website Involves

Some of the key elements involved in creating successful websites include domain names, website hosting, website development, and internet marketing.

Domain names

A domain name is the name given to your website and the name that is typed into a web browser to reach your site. For example, the domain name for Solid Designs is Domain names can have different endings depending on what they represent. UK companies commonly use a ending whilst international companies often use a .com ending and non-profit organisations such as charities use a .org ending.

It is possible to use more than one domain name to direct people to a single website. For example, if you wanted to protect your brand identity you might choose to have both and as domain names.

Before deciding on a domain name for your business it is important to check whether your chosen name is available to register and buy. Solid Designs can help by advising on suitable names, checking their availability and registering your chosen domain name(s).

Website hosting

Website hosting is the space needed to store websites and make them accessible via the internet. Websites and email accounts are held on web hosting servers (i.e. powerful computers built with the capacity to hold huge amounts of information and run on very fast internet connections).

Solid Designs offer a range of professional web hosting and email services to suit businesses large and small.

Website development

Typical stages of building a professional website could include the following:

  • Research and competitor analysis - To help us design a website that stands out from your competitors it is important to first gain a clear understanding of your market both online and offline. Competitor analysis is used to identify your current and potential competitors and assess their strengths and weaknesses online.
  • Content analysis - To establish exactly what you want from your website, content analysis is used to identify your business objectives and decide what information to include on your site.
  • Website design - The design phase focuses on creating an attractive and professional site to complement your existing business identity. We ensure the layout of your site is visually appealing to capture the interest of visitors whilst also being easy to navigate to ensure visitors find what they are looking for.
  • Website build - The build phase encompasses the technical programming and coding needed to transform your website from concept to reality. To ensure your website is fully functional and accessible for different web browsers all our websites are built to a high programming and coding standard.
  • Maintenance - Following the build and launch of a website it is important to provide on-going maintenance. The addition of new content such as news, events, and special offers will help your site remain up-to-date, perform well in search engines and encourage repeat visits. For websites requiring regular updates Solid Designs offer content management systems which can be built into your site giving you and your colleagues the freedom to add and manage content as and when required.
Internet marketing

Internet marketing uses a series of techniques to promote your products and services over the internet. Examples include the use of search engine optimisation, online advertising, social networking and email marketing.

Solid Designs deliver internet marketing strategies tailored to the specific needs of each website to generate the maximum return on investment.


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