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Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine optimisation is all about getting your site positioned as high as possible in the results pages of major search engines using keywords related to your business or products.

Search Engine Optimisation

The most important element of search engine optimisation is choosing the right keywords for your business/products. Rather than relying on what you think people are looking for, you need to know what people are really searching for. Solid Designs begins by identifying the right keywords to target; choosing terms that produce the optimum level of traffic for your business to grow and stand out against the competition. We also provide thorough competitor research for you to see who your main competitors are and what they are currently doing.

Once the most suitable keywords have been identified, we will integrate these keywords into important areas of site code and page text to ensure they are easily identified by search engines. Solid Designs knows where and how to place these keywords on your site to achieve successful results.

Once the site has been launched with the keywords in place, it is essential to have a monthly management plan to maintain and grow the traffic driven to the website. This monthly plan aims to develop links to your website by creating content which will be of interest to potential customers, directly requesting links and keeping the site content up to date.

Solid Designs provides search engine optimisation reports detailing the position of your site listed in search engines, how the current position has changed, what effect this has had on traffic to your site, and where the traffic is coming from.

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