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Following unprecedented growth in usage, social media has become a popular feature of internet marketing.

Many people who enter this area of online marketing are less worried because of its guaranteed success. Social media takes a very different approach to traditional marketing in that it is driven by the idea of sharing and engaging.

Social media, while generally free to join, is time consuming and requires good management to achieve a good return. We offer various packages and provide on-going levels of support and maintenance. You can choose to self-manage your own campaign or let us do the work for you.

Social Networking



Twitter was first launched in March 2006 and has since made a huge impact with celebrities, teens, and now businesses making the most of its services. Twitter is without doubt a huge opportunity for companies, brands and websites to tap into the vast inbound marketing channel social media represents.

Services we offer: Twitter account set-up, building your Twitter bio, optimising channel, monitoring, and tweeting.



Facebook is the world's largest online social network, offering multiple avenues for marketing products and services. The number of users is not only growing in volume but also in age and reach... the increasing engagement with older users introduces a higher income market with greater purchasing power. This makes Facebook an invaluable marketing tool which most companies and brands should look to launch into.

Services we offer: Facebook account set-up, branding, importing/searching for existing customers, optimising your Facebook pages, and posting regular updates.



If your company has previously produced videos or is currently filming new projects then YouTube can open up a whole variety of opportunities for online exposure as well as creating new business and contacts within the same industry.

Services we offer: YouTube account set-up, branding, optimising channel, integration and management.


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Social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, Delicious, Digg, Reddi, and StumbleUpon can also be used by website visitors to promote your services and products. We can ensure that you have all the tools on your website to make the process of tagging and bookmarking easy.

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