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More and more people now use mobile devices rather than desktop computers to browse the internet. Mobile & tablet internet usage has widely overtaken desktop in the UK. With the increase expected to continue, now is the time to ensure your website is optimised for mobile, tablet and desktop users alike.


Responsive Website Design


What is Responsive Design?

Responsive web design enables the appearance and layout of your website to automatically adjust and complement the screen size of the device being used. Using a single dynamic design, a responsive website will effortlessly transform to give visitors the optimal user experience across mobiles, tablets and PCs alike.

Basic features of responsive web design include enlarging text for easier reading on smaller screens and providing touch-friendly selection buttons for easier site navigation. More complex design features for mobile devices include changes in graphics and colours, content reduction to highlight your most important information, and control over what content is presented or hidden on which device. As you view you site from smartphone to tablet to desktop - layouts and navigation adjust, content relocates, images resize, and font sizes change, all automatically.


The Benefits of Responsive Web Design

Until now, businesses wanting to cater for a mobile audience have relied on offering a separate mobile website. Whilst this solution overcomes many of the problems associated with viewing a standard website on a mobile device, it brings with it the complexity and cost of running multiple sites. Responsive web design now offers a new solution for businesses wanting to keep ahead and meet the demands of the growing mobile market. Here are some of the benefits responsive web design has to offer:

Reach out to tablet and mobile audiences
The need for businesses to optimise their website across devices has never been greater. Not only are more people now browsing the internet via their mobile and tablet than PC, but also buying more products and services online using their mobile devices.

Boost sales and conversions
A key benefit of responsive web design is in providing a consistent user experience across devices. By eliminating the need for redirection between standard and mobile sites, responsive web design can give your site a consistent look and feel across devices, which in turn has a positive impact on sales and conversions.

Improve your SEO
Responsive web design is advocated by Google as the industry best practice for mobile configuration. As responsive design is incorporated into a single website, only one URL and one set of hyperlinks are required across devices - enabling Google to crawl, index and organise content more efficiently than with multiple versions of the same site.

Simplify your analytics and reporting
The analysis and reporting of a standard site and a mobile site involves tracking metrics such as user journeys, conversion paths and redirections between both sites. With a responsive design this complexity is removed as the analytics and reporting process is consolidated to a single site.

Save time and costs on site development and management
Similarly, maintaining and managing a responsive site is far quicker and easier than the work involved in updating multiple versions of your site.


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