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Standard Compliant Websites

All our websites are developed to be W3C standard compliant. The W3C are a recognised internet/web standards organisation responsible for developing and publishing specifications, software, guidelines, and various tools for the web.



Following W3C guidelines ensures that websites are coded to a recognised standard, providing benefits which include:

Browser compatibility

W3C compliant websites will be displayed equally well in current and future W3C compliant browsers. This is particularly important with new technologies such as PDAs, mobile phones, web tv, etc., becoming increasingly common methods of accessing the Internet.

Cost-effective maintenance

Websites coded to W3C standards are generally easy to maintain, resulting in reduced costs.

Easy indexing by search engines

Websites which adhere to W3C standards ensure code can be read easily by search engine spiders.

Improved accessibility

A well-coded site is accessible to a much wider range of users, including blind users, visually impaired users, dyslexic users etc., for example, being parsed by screen readers which read content out loud to the users.

Standard Compliant Websites
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