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SSL Secure Certificates

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With strong growth in UK internet sales set to continue the need for businesses to offer secure online trading has never been greater.


SSL Certification

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificates are the globally recognized standard for securely encrypting data passing between a server and web browser. Websites with SSL certificates guarantee stringent security checks are in place to protect users' private information such as bank details.

As a website owner, an SSL secure connection enables you to trade online safe in the knowledge that all important information is protected from prying eyes. Ensuring your website is protected with an SSL certificate also gives visitors to your site the confidence that purchases can be made using a secure service.

SSL Secure Certificates


Key Benefits

Protection against fraud

Without SSL encryption, information entered into your website is allowed to travel through networks in full view. Having a visibly secure website not only enhances the reputation of your business but guards against fraud and potential cyber-attacks.


Business validation and customer confidence

SSL certification provides verification that you are who you claim to be, giving your customers the assurance to complete online transactions with confidence.


Increased conversion rates

Website security is a key concern for online shoppers. Providing an SSL Certificate for your website has been shown to increase visitor-to-sales conversions and reduce shopping cart abandonment.


Secure information storage

SSL technology offers data security to websites with log-in facilities as well as websites trading online. If your site uses a log-in for protected information an SSL certificate will prevent data from being intercepted when accessed by authorized users.



SSL Certificate Options

SSL certificates offered by Solid Designs are the same industry-standard as those used by leading online businesses and banks. We offer three levels of SSL certificate to suit a range of budgets and business requirements.

Simple SSL

Recommended for online traders just starting out or with a limited budget.

  • Based on the RapidSSL product from GeoTrust®
  • https://
  • Browser padlock
  • 40-bit to 256-bit SSL encryption
  • $10,000 USD warranty

Standard SSL

Ideal for growing businesses looking to publicly display their security credentials.

  • Basic GeoTrust® True Site Seal
  • https://
  • Browser padlock
  • 40-bit to 256-bit SSL encryption
  • $10,000 USD warranty

Extended SSL

Providing businesses with maximum security and warranties.

  • GeoTrust® True Site Seal with company name and date/time stamp
  • https://
  • Browser padlock
  • Green bar domain verification displayed in browser
  • 40-bit to 256-bit SSL encryption
  • $150,000 USD warranty
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