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Website Management & Support

Solid Designs' management and support service is key to ensuring the continual success of your website.

Maintenance & Aftercare

Following the launch of your site we will continue to maintain and update your site as and when required. Typical updates to your site such as new pages or changes to existing content are carried out promptly and charged at a low rate, depending on the level of complexity.

Maintenance & Aftercare


Review & Development

The internet is a fast evolving medium and to ensure your website remains at the forefront of your field it is important to periodically review the performance of your site. Solid Designs will provide an analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of your site over the previous year. This analysis will report on a range of measures including visitors, promotions, integration and feedback.

To develop your site we will propose how to improve and build on your previous success, ensure your site reflects any changes made to your business and suggest any new technologies that may benefit your site.



We provide a series of user-friendly help guides covering a range of topics on website management. We also provide one-to-one training for clients covering basic to more advanced techniques depending on your specific requirements.

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